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Throughout the year, the local government unit organizes food events dedicated to seasonal products, but the greatest attraction is the Chestnut Fair, during the second weekend of November, where there are several activities, ranging from cultural events to markets selling chestnuts, honey, liqueurs and nuts.


During the summer month, there are many festivals and celebrations in many municipalities. Beirã, Santo António das Areias, Porto da Espada, São Salvador de Aramenha, Alvarrões, Escusa and Portagem come to life with garraiadas (type of bullfighting), fairs, shows and dance events.

Plenty of rural path cross the council of Marvão and these offer excellent conditions for hiking or biking.

At Portagem, near River Sever, we are able to enjoy a pool and a river beach, while eating a nice meal outdoors..


From the excellent local gastronomy, one may emphasize lamb, mutton and codfish dishes.

As far as desserts go, they were either invented in the convents or they are based on local products, such as chestnuts.






Jan 6th

Janeiras (Portuguese traditional music)


Jan 14 th

Restoration of the Council – Concert by the Music School of Ass. De Cultura

e Acção Social de Marvão - School Activity



Feb 12th

Inauguration lunch of  “Comidas d' Azeite”

Olive Oil Festival 2012 – Porto da Espada


Feb 12th to 26th

Gastronomic Fortnight “Comidas d' Azeite”


Feb 18th

Dinner for Comadres e Compadres, followed by the

Pinhata Dance – Portus Gladii – Porto da Espada



Feb 25th

Pig slaughter -  Motoclube de Marvão - Portagem


Feb 17th, 18th, 19th and 22th

Carnival – Marvão Folião


Feb 26th

Dinner for married people – S.A. Areias


Feb 26th

Wine Tasting – CCDR - Alvarrões




Amateur Theater Festival of Marvão


Mar 11th

Pig slaughter of Junta de Freguesia de S.A. Areias

3rd Weekend - Pig slaughter of Junta de Freguesia of Beirã and Vintage

Car Meeting


Mar 31th

Pig slaughter of Junta de Freguesia de S. Salvador de Aramenha




Apr 1st to 15th

Gastronomic Fortnight “Goat and Lamb”


Apr 6th to 7th

20th Children Football Tournmant of Beirã


Apr 15th

Judo Tournament


Apr 15th

The Smugglers' Path



Apr 21st

Pig slaughter – CCDR - Alvarrões


Apr 23st

Book Day – School District


Apr 25st

Celebrations for the Carnation Revolution – Festival honoring S. Marcos - S. A. Areias




May 18th

Museum Day


May 12th to 27th

Gastronomic Fortnight - Codfish



Jun 1st

Children's Day


Jun 1st

Celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the Charter Letter of Marvão,given by King por D. Manuel in 1512


Jun 2nd and 3rd

Festival honoring St. Teresinha do Menino Jesus – Abegoa


Jun 12th

St. Anthony's Night



Jun 23rd

St. John's Night


Jun 28th

St. Peter's Night


Jun 22nd,23rd,24th, 29th and 30th

Bullfighting, at the Headquartes of Associação Humanitária do Bombeiros Voluntários de Marvão

Popular Music Festival of Cantareias


Jun 23th

St. John's Sardinhada - Portus Gladii – Porto da Espada




Aug 12th

Internacional Youth Day - Portagem

Popular Festival honoring Nª. Sra. Da Conceição - Alvarrões

Popular Festival honoring Nª. Sra. Das Dores - Barretos

Popular Festival honoring Nª. Sra. Do Amparo – S. Salvador de Aramenha

Popular Festival honoring Nª. Sraª. Da Rocha- Portagem

Popular Festival honoring Nª. Sra. Das Dores – Porto da Espada



1st Weekend -Popular Festival honoring Santo António - Escusa


Sep 8th

Municipal Holiday

Popular Festival honoring Nª. Sra. Da Estrela – Marvão


Sep 8th and 9th

Tapas and Snacks Competition



Jul 1st

Bullfighting, at the Headquartes of Associação Humanitária do Bombeiros Voluntários de Marvão

Festival honoring St. Isabel - Relva da Asseiceira



Jul 6th, 7th and 8th

Arts & Crafts and Gastronomy Fair of Marvão

Popular Festival honoring Nossa Sra. Do Carmo – Beirã

Popular Festival honoring Stº. Antº . Dos Barros Cardos – Ponte Velha

Folklore Festival of Santo António das Areias


Jul 20th, 21st and 22nd

Futsal Tournament at Portagem Leisure Center



Oct 5th, 6th and 7th

Al – Mossassa Islamic Festival


Oct 1st to 7th

Book Fair – Casa da Cultura - Marvão



Nov 10th and 11th

XXIX Chestnut Festival and Fair


Nov 3rd to 18th

Gastronomic Fortnight - Chestnut


17 Nov

Pig slaughter - Portus Gladii – Porto da Espada



“Christmas at Marvão”


Dec 15th to Jan 1st

Gastronomic Fortnight - Game


Dez 31st

New Year's Eve